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Here’s How Much A Can Of Coke Will Cost You Under The New ‘Sugar Tax’

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne announced yesterday (as part of the budget) that a tax on sugary drinks would be introduced. To give fizzy drinks companies the chance to amend their recipes (presumably taking out some sugar, andminimising the amount of extra tax people willhave to

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Trophy Kids Is A Haunting Documentary For All The Wrong Reasons

Trophy Kids was released in 2013, but I only recently came across it on Netflix and it left me with a gloomy feeling in my gut that I haven’t been able to shake. The documentary takes an intense look at overbearing parents who want their kids to become huge sports stars.We join them at a moment

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A Guy Got Totally Burned For Not Believing This Girl Could Like Sport

You know when you see a woman talking about sports and you think “get back to the kitchen, love”..? No? Good. If you did, go away. Now then. People like sports. Men like sports. Women like sports. My sister’s dog goes mad when football’s on the TV (most recently when Jamie Vardy scored that

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Is This The Most Convincing ‘Making A Murderer’ Theory Yet?

Pretty much everybody is hooked on Netflix’s ten part documentary, ‘Making A Murderer’, and we all have our theories. Is Steve Avery innocent? Who planted evidence? Who really killed Teresa Halbach? And why on earth is Brendan Dassey still in prison?! Opinion is divided, but one thing that we

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